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're at high points solutions stadium. 25th ranked west virginia has not been beaten by rutgers since 1994. they're marching for a possible go-ahead score with under seven and a half minutes remaining. just a yard shy. alston, we see where they spot him. ron harmon bumped him down. he'll be third and goal from the 1 yard line. handoff, alston. he's about a foot short khaseem greene prevented him from finding the end zone. >> ray: if i'm holgorsen i think about kicking the field goal and getting a tie. i know they're plenty of time left. they have six minutes and change, but if you don't push this thing in, it you could be in trouble. i take my points when i can get them. >> mark: going for it on fourth and goal. smith keeping it, headed towardsed end zone and he dives in. touchdown! logan ryan came flying in, but could not prevent geno smith from picking up his first rushing touchdown of the season, and west virginia leading. >> ray: that's all geno smith right there. didn't have anybody open to throw the ball to. he uses his leg, gets to the outside and loss of containment by the rutgers
, shenandoah valley, western maryland and west virginia, there's a winter storm warning. this is highly unusual. four inches or more possible, especially in the high spots around the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. right down at the bottom of the valley, probably not that much snow. most of that region will only have it on the grassy areas. but some of the high spots fin western maryland and west virginia will get some snow. it will stick on the roadways. it's frosty cold in western maryland and west virginia. just a few high clouds coming over now. the temperatures are down near or a little bit below freezing. closer to washington, panhandle of west virginia, mid and upper 30s. right now a chilly 42 at reagan national. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore weather observers reporting mid-40s most locations. here's the day planner for this friday. sunrise 7:31. a little sunshine in and out this morning through midday. clouding up late afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s. dress accordingly. wear a couple of layers this morning before you head off to work. it is a cold morning.
the the u.s. senate. joe manchin versus mitch mcconnell in the fight between louisville and west virginia to escape the crumbling big east. west virginia's manchin joins us to talk about his threat to use a senate investigation if west virginia is left out. it's thursday, october 27th, 2011. this is a special edition of "the daily rundown" from seattle, washington, home of that's why i'm out here today and yesterday. big news on what is the year's most significant political story. the stalling economy. economists have feared we may be on the cusp of the double-dip recession. growth forecasts have fluctuated wildly over the past few months. moments ago we learned the economy grew at its fastest pace in a year in this last third quarter. by 2.5%. after dismally slow growth in the first half of the year. also this morning, european leaders finally reached a deal which may be a significant step forward for the eurozone, securing an agreement from banks to take a 50% loss on the value of their greek debt. now economists had said that this third quarter was always going to be the bes
, especially north of town. the rain is mainly in maryland and west virginia, northern virginia starting to get a break in the action. looking to the west, moderate rain moving our way from west virginia pushing towards the metro area. scattered showers off and on, mainly light. that's expected through the day. becoming a breezy this afternoon, highs in the mid 60's. the wind will increase. when you feel that, cold front as arrived. we are talking temperatures in the thirties tonight and early tomorrow. we have a freeze watch in northern maryland and west virginia early tomorrow morning. lotus mid 50's for the high temperature tomorrow. >>> seems to be moving slowly on 66 with merging traffic at 5195 or anybody coming out of fredericksburg, lanes are open. woodbrige, normal delays. normal delays in springfield. heading to the wilson bridge looks good. this is college park, the pace is steady. on the outer loop after new hampshire avenue before university boulevard, broken- down truck, right lane is closed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:01 is the time. a shooting outside of prince george coun
in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties out in western maryland and west virginia now, the mid-40s, there's quite a bit of cloudiness around there this morning. over the last 12 hours, we've had clouds streaming in from the south. a few sprinkles are showing up now just to the west of the shenandoah valley just south of petersburg there in west virginia. sprinkle,tending to dissipate as they head off to the east. right now it's mostly cloudy in the shenandoah valley. from the blue ridge east, it's a partly cloudy morning. thin crescent moon just now rising, and we have our temperatures around the region holding steady here in the 40s for the next couple of hours. by 9:00 into the 50s. hit the mid-60s or so, maybe even upper 60s briefly by midafternoon. a mild afternoon coming up and a small chance of a passing shower later this afternoon or perhaps early this evening. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the monday traffic? >> good morning. >>> checking roadways for you. so far we look pretty good in our area. let's take the drive
in oakland, parts of west virginia. a couple of pictures from timberline in west virginia. already snowing there. it is on the way. we are still concerned about this though because of the potential for tree damage and then power outages. a lot of canopies still on the trees. and it is what happened in denver on monday could happen here. a warning for frederick county, loudoun county. here comes the storm. cold air beginning to funnel down from the northeast. rain has not moved in but it is overhead. i think the rain will roll in before the second half of high school games get played unfortunately. we will come back and break down critical times and talk more about accumulation. maybe our biggest october snow ever. >> because of that topper, we have been working hard all day in our newsroom and want to be sure everything is up and running just in case the snow does get really bad tomorrow. we will be sure to have the closings on the website as well as any other information you need. now our own bruce leshan was out in hagerstown today where the crews are already out there trying t
shore. it's a cold start but still a frost advisory out for these counties. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland, and carroll counties and up into western pennsylvania. so there's a chance of a little frost forming over the next couple of hours. sunrise at 7:31. we'll have a partly sunny morning through midday but a chilly morning. only in the 40s through much of the morning. may get into the low 50s by early afternoon and clouding up by late afternoon. i don't think we're going to see any snow tonight, but there's a possibility tomorrow. the evening planner will be coming up here in about ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's the friday commute? >>> a couple of accidents to slow you down. start in virginia. southbound richmond highway at kings highway, all your lanes are blocked due to an accident there. southbound 270 in maryland at montgomery village avenue, only the left lane gets by that accident. checking the travel in that area, so far traffic is still light. i just want you to be aware. you've got to stay to the left time. construction is wrapping up. as we shoot do
is the latest? >> we do have accumulating snow out in the west of hardy county, west virginia. the high areas of the mountains in west virginia and chester gap right here we have snow upwards of 2 inches already. and you can see the rain moving through too. the temperatures are falling and so is the rainfall around the washington, d.c. area frederick reporting rain. but is it snow in the higher elevations in the blue ridge and moving back to the west. so we are going to see that snow build in throughout evening hours and just about everybody to the west of washington is under a warning or advisory. in the pink that is a winter storm warning for snowfall that could exceed 4 to 5 inches. in the purple this is a winter weather advisory. we could see accumulation in that area too. i just updated the snowfall map. i'll show you who i think gets what coming up. >> thanks, doug. >>> out in minnesota you see snowplows all the time before halloween. but not around here. snow pants either. who buys snow pants? shomari stone is out in virginia where it is wet and cold tonight. >> reporter: i found a man
in the special election for governor in west virginia. he beat republican bill maloney. the race was seen as a referendum on president obama. it got national attention and money. >>> we all came together to tell the outside groups that no one, no one is going to tell us what to do in west virginia. we may be open for business but ladies and gentlemen, west virginia is not for sale. [ cheering ] >> reporter: he has served as acting governor since former governor joe manchin left charleston to become a u.s. senator. there will be another election next november. >>> facebook executive and the president of cartoon network are joining maryland governor martin o'malley to kick off national bullying prevention month. the event starts tomorrow at arundel high school in annapolis. >>> walk to school day. it is an international campaign to get students to walk or to bike to school rather than hitching a ride with parents or taking the bus. students in maryland, virginia, and washington, d.c. are also taking part in this year's event. walk to school day is being observed in 40 countries around the w
? >>> and if it's tuesday, somebody is voting somewhere. today it's west virginia. where democrats hope to hold on to the governor's mansion there. it may come down to a referendum on president obama. a democratic loss could have a more chilling effect on congressional democratic relations with the white house than scott brown's win. >>> after 18 days, the wall street protests keep spreading. they're popping up in cities in california to maine. even in kansas city. we'll take you there. it's tuesday, october 4th, 2011. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. my first reads of the morning, today could be the day we finally hear from team christie once and for all about whether he is going to mount a last minute bid for the republican presidential nomination. behind the scenes, he's apparently gotten all the aid input he wants, all the donor input he wants. yes, there's been those reports that he's asked prominent republicans to hold off endorsing any current candidates. but at this point it's in his hands. some people think we may hear from him this afternoon. we'll see. in a new "washingto
this morning. it's not raining everywhere. we will have showers off and on. in west virginia the showers are continuing to push east. these are a around a frontal boundary that is off to our north. there is a look at the cold front. cooler air behind the front and much cooler air moving into town the night through the weekend. that will hang around several days. we are talking 15 degrees below average. here's a breakdown for today. mid 60's around lunchtime. this evening the wind will pick. off-and-on showers threw out the day. you will feel the breeze picks up and you will know the front is in your neighborhood. but temperatures will quickly drop behind a cold front. cold enough where we will likely have frost north of the metro area by this time tomorrow morning and possibly even freezing temperatures. its response has been issued for tomorrow morning from 2:00 a.m. through not cry a.m. in northern ireland and parts of west virginia. heights tomorrow in the low 50's, colder. 40's with a chance of rain showers and wet snowflakes north and west of town on saturday. the weekend looks pret
district and southern maryland and through central virginia and out in western maryland and much of west virginia. it's mild there. they're in the low 60s. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning with these occasional lighter showers and then some moderate showers moving in around 9:00 or so and off and on into the afternoon. passing showers. some of them could be moderate at times and a mild day into the mid and perhaps upper 60s by midafternoon. much colder tonight. we'll look at your evening planner. that will be in ten minutes. good morning, danella. how is the commute? >> good morning. the rails are open. so far, none are reporting delays. metro, marc all reporting on schedule. they look pretty good. here is a view of the bellway in prince georges county right around 50. you can see we have volume increasing. there are no delays n in or on the outer loop. getting just a tad busy at fairfax county parkway, but so far, clear in all directions north and south on i-95. if you're continuing on to 395, here is the view at duke street. it's a nice view. unm
ridge, shenandoah valley, and into eastern west west virginia where there is a storm watch for accumulating snow on saturday. right now clouds are drifting over. we still have leaves on the trees. that's another issue. if we get any snow on leaves on trees, we could have tree limbs snapping. that would be in shenandoah valley and eastern west virginia where temperatures are cold, down into the mid to upper 30s. although we don't have any reports of freezing temperatures. there may be a few isolated spots in western maryland, parts of eastern west virginia, where it's below freezing. elsewhere, upper 30s to 40s in washington. quite a chill in the air. sunrise at 7:31. a chilly day on the way. dress accordingly. you'll need a couple of layers. it will be partly sunny through midday and clouding up this afternoon. a look at your friday evening planner at 5:11. danella, how's traffic? >>> good news for you traveling in virginia. if you're taking richmond highway at kings highway, all your southbound lanes are back. that accident is out of the roadways. look at the bridges in yo
. winter storm watches 2 up to maine from virginia and west virginia and that could be a real problem. locally we've got the winter storm watches from fredrick county and points east right along the pennsylvania border. loudoun has been added since this morning, northern faulk here and everybody in the park, the shenandoah, the valleys and the mountains, this going through saturday as this storm is taking shape. we've got cold air up to the north. that is filtering down. that's the supply of cold air. i know it's early in the season, it's marginally cold, but it's going to be cold enough, especially at the higher elevations to take a lot of this moisture and turn it from rain into snow. actually, that storm will redevelop off the coast and move off toward the north and the east. so right now the main precipitation types tomorrow look to be mainly snow from fredrick north and west, along the i-81 corridor and the park, rain changing to snow east of that as you head to upper montgomery county, eastern loudoun, maybe western fairfax, culpepper county, northern and central porses of faulk
area. maybe some out in west virginia but not enough to cause a frost advisory but there is one west of richmond, freeze warnings in the roanoke area. taken frost advisories in central georgia. atlanta expected to be 36 to 39 degrees. very cold air on the west side of the mountains. we hit a high temperature of 62 degrees. we will clear out. that means good news by 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. that is when the meteor shower will be at its peak. you will see a good show out there. 53 the current temperature winds out of the west-northwest at 7 miles per hour. and to cool off you need clear skies and light wind withes. right now the clouds are keeping the temperatures up. 52 in winchester. but look at gaithersburg down to 43 degrees. 46 in frederick. these are the areas that will be in the 30s overnight and into early tomorrow morning. no rain to talk about. no rain on the radar for a few days. looking at a dry forecast. i think starting off tomorrow morning on a good note. will the be chilly, though especially for the best buddies walk? d.c. 36 to 44 degrees tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon
. and those areas of yellow and orange raining pretty hard out in west virginia, western maryland, but closer to washington, radar now scanning the sky. just a few sdaterred sprinkles in prince georges, arlington, fairfax. but farther to the north, there's more rain to the north of baltimore, heading off east into northeastern maryland. right now, off to a fairly mild start, we're in the 50s to near 60s. right around washington, we're in the mid 50s in prince georges, arlington and fairfax counties. generally, most locations in the 50s and some 60s showing off in west virginia. quite a mild start compared to what we're going to see this time tomorrow morning. sunrise will be at 7:30. we'll be hovering around 60 through the morning. mid 60s by noon time, maybe a passing shower, as well. by midafternoon, maybe even upper 60s in a few locations. but then turning chillier tonight. in fact, we may have a freeze this time tomorrow morning. a look at your evening planner, that will be in ten minutes. here is a look at the thursday morning commute. good morning, danella. >> good morning. as you drive
the area and some snow in the viewing area toward west virginia and hardy county. seeing snow around the petersburg area. most of the rain is not affecting us. you can see it moving up from the south and west. the coastal storm has yet to develop and will develop overnight tonight. we'll continue to watch as it does. rain moves in at 9:00 in the area. tomorrow morning, raining heavily in places. 41 degrees at 5:00 a.m. we'll see snow to the west. that snow will come down fairly quickly. mostly snow in portions of west virginia. rain to snow around i-81 corridor. from washington, d.c. to the south and east, mainly a rain and snow event. i have updated the snow totals a little bit. i'll have the totals in a few minutes. >> all right, doug, the idea of snow in october took a lot of us by surprise. local power companies and road workers are ready for whatever wintry weather comes our way. darcy spencer continues with the coverage. >> a snowstorm before halloween? the timing is tricky. there are leaves on many trees in the region. they could become heavy with snow and fall on power lines.
west. radar showing a few sprinkles south of petersburg in the highlands of west virginia. those are drifting off to the east and may get close to harrisburg in another half hour or so. elsewhere, just a few clouds drifting through. sunrise 7:26. here's your day planner. sunshine with high clouds coming in. and a partly to mostly cloudy afternoon. there is a small chance of a passing shower perhaps late afternoon or early this evening. before then, we should warm up into the 60s. another delightful afternoon. your evening planner will be coming up in about five minutes. let's check our monday morning commute. >> good morning. >>> if you're getting ready to head out of the house, so far no problems in our area. let's take a live look at the bridges in our area, starting with the american legion bridge. not seeing any problems as you make your way across in either direction. not seeing any problems. on the key bridge in virginia. you can see we're nice and clear. traveling southeast, i'm checking southeast bridges for you as well. here's the sousa bridge in both directions, not see
around dulles airport right now. accumulating snows out towards the mountains of west virginia. temperatures in town were holding on to barely 40 degrees at national airport. but much milder alongside the bay. bay water and ocean water temperatures are really mild because it is after all still october. but once you get away from the moderating influence of the water temperatures down to the freezing mark. winter storm warnings remain in effect for all those bright shaded counties in pink there that does include loudon county, out towards the blue ridge, winchester, all up into the panhandle of west virginia, also in maryland, carol, frederick, washington, all under the winter storm warning through the remainder of the day today. winter weather advisories for montgomery, fairfax and prince william counties. there's a well defined snow line west of interstate 95. that's where the rain/snow line is going to stay for much of the day. the ground is white now up towards maryland. white ground for sure. several inches-snow has added up towards the blue ridge. the end of the precipitat
northern virginia, the district, and much of maryland. however, south and west of washington, about 30, 40 miles, it's all cloudy. in fact, there are light sprinkles now in the highlands of west virginia into the southern shenandoah valley. those will be arriving here perhaps in another three hours or so around perhaps 8:00, 9:00 this morning. right now low to mid-60s throughout most of the region. 50s shenandoah valley into the mountains. later today, midmorning through midday showers. maybe a little thunder and lightning too, clearing out by later this afternoon with a blustery wind. we'll have the wind gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour, and we'll be back down into the 60s after we peak in the low 70s early in the afternoon. this evening temperature continues to drop under a blustery wind under a clearing sky, down into the mid-50s by midnight. chillier saturday morning. we'll look at that next weekend and into the week. >>> checking i-95 for you. not seeing any problems. if you're taking i-95 making your way out of dale city and heading on towards 395, 395 is clear as well. here's a look
swinging through. look at the edge of your screen. you see some blue there? that is snow. in west virginia. yeah there will be snow back in the mountains behind this storm system. look at this. 65 degrees in baltimore. 57 in dulles. back west the winds have shifted, not from a northerly direction but a west-southwest flow has brought in cool air. coastal flood advisories and we could be pushing gusts to 40 miles per hour today, with the cool down. temperatures mid-60s. a shower still possible this morning. a variable cloudy sky turns mostly cloudy with the cool air rushing in. much cooler north and west. still mild around the bay itself, this is the time of year we can get a wide variation of temperatures. on average 50s and falling with winds to 40 miles per hour. hold onto the wheel all morning long ea lot of the roads are drying up, that is good news. let's take a live look at our traffic cameras. 95 at 175, no issues to report traveling southbound. the traffic to the right of your screen from elk ridge toward recall. between the beltways we have no major accidents reports. fort mchenry
this picture that came from snowshoe, west virginia, this is from this past weekend! they had nine -- >> west virginia! >> that's unusual. >> you know how unusual? we believe and the record has to be checked, this is the biggest, earliest snow in west virginia state history at 9 inches at snowshoe. they're up at 4800 feet. that gives you an idea of how cold this particular storm was. let's talk about this afternoon. we've got clouds and showers at times. a lot of times it won't be raining. temperatures barely moving maybe into the mid-50s for highs this afternoon. winds west, southwest at about 5 miles per hour. although in other spots, depending on where you are, they could be coming from the northeast. if you're east of us with an area of low pressure down toward southern maryland. we're actually looking at this. satellite and radar composite. a little spin right down here. showers are rotating around that and right now, we've got an area just north and west of washington showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. from around westminster, northern baltimore county on the west side of the metro dow
. west virginia meet the wood shed in upstate new york. mountaineers, yikes. and prep ball is coming into >>> welcome back. mike shanahan decided not to draft the quarterback this year. rather he opted to fortify his d. it's working. the redskins mo is simple. look at the offense and mistakes, smother the opponent, win ugly, but the qb has to make some plays. rex grossman not making enough of them. he was helping out the other team too much, so bring on beck. how important is this move? very. if your average at quarterback position, you're an average team at best. fortunes can turn. so is beck the ladder? well mike shanahan says yes. >> when i said i had a lot of confidence in these quarterbacks, i do. john is one of those guys that i believe in that is going to have a great future and now he's going to have his opportunity to show us what he can do. >> all right, looking at marty, coaching virginia in the usl championships. how about that? it's a former virginia tech. a will the of formers in the house. 47-yard house call. winning it 17-3. west virginia, below the radar in college
. tavis: in the book, you talk about the fact that you could have run for governor of west virginia. when you lose your brother, i could see the emotion come over you. i see how that is still impacting you. did losing your brother change your view of war? you and i both know about this country is engaged in the long the store of this country. how has it impacted due politically? >> a lot of people came to meet and said, would you be interested in running for governor? it is not something -- i love the state, i love the people, it is a big part of the why man. it was a wash in natural resources. a lot of multinational companies came in there. places where they could go, people to help them with their studies, pay attention to them. they paid the people and they left. i vote for who i think is the best candidate. people talk about raising tax dollars, i would be all for raising tax dollars. that is very important. i think wars are hell. one of the great books i read was on the korean war. i will forever -- he was a great soldier, but for his arrogance to get thousands of young american men
this morning, west virginia, pennsylvania and eventually riding up through the mid-atlantic. we're actually going to be rather try in areas of the deep south. that's where the rain had been the last couple days. the great weather pattern, we had it for so many days in a row up there in new england. it's come to an end. the cloud are thickening up. we have to wait for this area of low pressure to go all the way to the north. it will probably take two days to do that. plan on carrying your umbrella from d.c. to philly, new york and boston, and every in between tonight and tomorrow. we have to wait for this front to clear on friday and then we'll have a nice weekend as high pressure builds into many areas of the east. right now the worst of the rain, all of west virginia has light rain, southern ohio, southern portions of pennsylvania, scattered showers from roanoke to harrisburg, richmond up to d.c. a batch of steady rains. if you're driving around the beltway in d.c. if the next, probably, hour or two hours you'll see that wet weather. also, this is good. thunderstorms providing heavy rain f
is in west virginia. >> yes. we have been showing you pictures and we will show you a few others from snowshoe. they wake up with 6 inches on the ground. they got a coating on the golf coast in pennsylvania and snow that didn't stick in garrett county. this morning it's chilly rain for us. wait until you see the temperatures that are knocking on the door. around bay, low 40s. rain across southern section of kent island. sprinkles around annapolis and pushing towards shady side and deal. we have towards st. michaels and easton. this is pushing towards eastern shore. 42 in annapolis. and 46 in easton but hop back in the other direction and 39 in ellicott city and up towards hereford a chilly morning here. most of us get our way through the mid-40s after the sunrise at 7:04 and we have mostly cloudy skies. 55 will do it and a few more rain showers. plan accordingly to keep dry and not really washout but to keep warm. we have a great end of the week forecast that you're going to appreciate so it's worth stick around. how about the roads records we have delays 895 -- >> reporter: we have d
education will help student-athletes understand geography. west virginia reportedly looks poised to move from the east to the big 12. west virginia would likely report -- replace missouri which appears ready to move to the southeastern conference. that would leave the big 12 with 10 teams. west virginia is no longer in the east brae he will find missouri in the southeast, and look for houston in the east. you have to love higher education. >> tom is up next with a look at ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >> if tomorrow could be like today. >> then yesterday would be what? >> a couple of showers, just a 20% chance in the afternoon, otherwise mostly cloudy and almost 70 degrees. breezy, cool weather settles in for friday and a slight chance of a couple of showers by saturday. great football weather. the ravens will get back on track sunday. >> the tonight show wi
. if you are west of the blue ridge, you folks in western portions of virginia and west virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, a few showers there. you may see a few more. this is the rain that came through earlier today. an abundance of rain. lightning, heavy downpours. itis moved out. behind it, we are going to move down. waking up to temperatures in the low to mid-40s in most locations. low 50s, 52 by 7:00 a.m. in the city. you'll need your jackets and coats. >>> a montgomery county judge made a key ruling considering what evidence will be allowed in a murder trial. jurors will be allowed to hear a taped conversation between britney norwood and her brother. he asked if the victim accused britney of stealing. later in the conversation norwood said murray had plans to talk to a manager. she's acured of killing murray in march. a trial is expected to get under way october 24th. >>> a d.c. nightclub is in the middle of a suit. mohamed died last october after a fight with the owner and employees. he broke the club's window after being denied entry. that's when he was beaten. the
go back into west virginia the yellows and oranges move right toward our neck of the woods. they'll be here over the next few hours. grab the rain gear before you head out. a quick look at live doppler 9000hd, breaks west of town from leesburg to warrenton to front royal. not far from cross junction this is tracking east. it will cross i-81 in 20 minutes or so. heavier showers starting to return. those temperatures are on the cool side but comfortable. we can handle this. upper 50s from hagerstown to 64 luray. it's also 64 fredricksburg. on the bay in annapolis 60. la plata 61 and here in town right now 59. going to about 65. monika samtani, it is almost friday. >>> oh, yeah. i think commuters are going to be happy about that. right now the big issue on the beltway is actually a small issue. it's a disabled truck on the outer loop right at the northwest branch but it's causing delays coming in from college park to that point. the bw parkway route 50 everything is fine inside the beltway into northeast. we'll take a live look first at the beltway north side. here's what it looks l
. look at this. it is snowing in portions of west virginia and the higher elevations of the blue ridge. we are seeing the rain make its way toward the area. the rain will change the snow to the west. we are going to see very bad conditions. i mean, point-blank, it is going to be nasty tomorrow. the rain moving in around 9:00. dropping to 42 at 11:00. 41 by 5:00 a.m. with a heavy rain. this is for most of the region. it points off to the south and east. what to expect from this storm. here you go. mostly snow. i think it will start off as rain through martinsburg and west virginia. then it changes to snow early tomorrow morning. you wake up to snow in the area. in the area highlights here in the blue shade, you have that rain early in frederick, around portions of loudoun county and switching to snow there. to the south and east, it's mostly a rain event around gaithersburg, rockville toward sterling and to the east. we are talking rain and wind. i think we'll see a change over to snow in that area, too. maybe too late for accumulation. i'll show you the updated map as far as who gets w
. look at all the rain right now forming and coming into west virginia. this is on a beeline across the area. it's going to move along 66 this evening and make its way into our area. there's more rain as you move back to st. louis and farther back, another storm system that's going to follow this train. that one, much colder air and snow toward denver. look at this video that we have from the denver area. this is around golden earlier. that area to the west of denver picked up ten inches of slow. three to six inches. some of the mountains in the front range picked up 12 to 18 inches of snow. this is normal in denver. they get normally at least one snowstorm in the month of october. now, as far as our weather is concerned, not going to be snow here, not yet anyway. showers tonight and tomorrow morning. rush hour could be problematic and wet during the day. things are going to turn colder in the afternoon. a chance for shower activity, then it gets really cool in here on thursday night into friday morning. friday is going to be a cool day with cloud cover. then watch what happens here
coming in from maryland, west virginia, and d.c. the goal is to provide a transportation options for those with the worst traffic problems. [unintelligible] the virginia department of rail and public transportation is expected to complete the study within one year. then is larkin abc7 news. >>> still to come, the good news about gas prices. we have the latest prices and why those prices may keep going down. >> plus, major work on the metro this holiday weekend. see which stations will be closed on columbus day. >> i am outside the supreme court where they will decide the fate of a local drug dealer. >> i am bob ryan. enough of the clouds, the rain, the drizzle, the chill. the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to .. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi louisiana, flflorida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are
for saturday. moisture is moving into the west virginia area, where it is now just east of charles, west virginia. taking into the creek watches, mostly for northern baltimore county, carroll county, a frederick county, the entire western portion of the state, we will tell you how this whole storm is going to unfold in what we can expect in the greater baltimore area in just a couple of minutes. >> police arrested a teenager in the murder of an elderly east baltimore man. according to investigators, 18- year-old james johnson confessed to the murder of milton hill after he was brought in for questioning twice. he allegedly shot milton hill in the chest and that took off on his scooter. milton spent a lot of time acting as the athlete caretaker at the church. >> he took out the trash, helped the ladies with the food or church dinners. he did all that with a smile on his face. >> johnson is charged with first-degree murder, assault, and robbery. police are searching for two other suspects believed to be involved in the attack. ia harford county teenager is behind bars for his part in a dea
weekend. look at the temperatures. inties' in westford --40's west virginia. these guys are starting to clear. the cloth cover across western maryland. dimeters -- notice the cloud . ver across western maryland we will take a look at the forecast in more detail and what is on the way for next week in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. on abc's revenues at here in the hospital, -- abc seven news at eleven o'clock. the movie guide is coming up. >> police and a man in a >> a new bombshell in a case camera.n it shows police officer slamming a man in a wheelchair to the ground. these officers are facing serious charges. the department of justice has dropped this case. rich is alive in our newsroom to explain why. >> federal authorities say they there have been medical records reports with extensive witness interviews. have to establish that an officer woefully deprive a constitutional right. to two words. it is the violent video that outrage across the district. loss of force. was posted in late may on youtube. this man wheelchair-bound much of police officers before he go
flurries came down saturday. in davis, west virginia. before long they are hitting the slopes. more on the weather with justin berk in moment. but for now, good morning. i am charley crowson. justin, the weather forecast cold for the weekend and you are so happy to see that snow. >> it's the pictures are nothing if you haven't seen it. i will share beautiful pictures from snowshoe, west virginia where they wake up with 6 inches on the ground this morning. yes. maryland's most powerful dop lar radar this is rain -- did -- doppler radar this is rain. and it could be clipping kent island. getting it towards tillman island and st. michael's and about to approach easton. you are getting some wet weather and we will have periodic showers under neath cloud cover. 42 in annapolis and towson. look at ellicott city 39. same for hereford zone. we have had clearing overnight. cloud are making a return. and sunrise at 7:04. most of us won't see it. mostly cloudy skies with rain showers. probably should add some of the rain drops to the 8 a.m. time slot but on and off throughout the day,. >> the
of west virginia and the high lands of virginia. we are going to continue to watch as the storm system continues to develop off the coast and makes its presence known. look at that. 42 degrees by 11:00. it is going to be raining. the rain will be heavy at times. this is what you can expect. heavy snow, mostly snow to the west. area of rain to snow closer to the district. this will be mostly rain and wind. there is that chance of snow. i have updated the snow accumulations. i'll show you what you can expect coming up in a minute. pat? >> thanks, doug. >>> it may be early for snow, but local road crews and power companies say they are ready for whatever comes our way. darcy spencer is live outside the studios with more. >> reporter: there is a chill in the air, but doesn't feel like a major snow event coming our way. it's hard to believe we are expecting this in the month of october. they are preparing for a possibility of outages. there are a lot of leaves on the trees. when the snowfalls on them, they get heavy and fall on to the power lines. that's what calls for the outages. in princ
and the mountains of west virginia, we are a winter storm watch. the weather service believes a potential of 5 inches or more. we saw it in denver, several inches in amarillo and now it's coming across little rock to memphis. definite circulation there. but the rain is to louisiana and east texas. all moving into a marginally cold air mass. we had snow across northern new longed -- new england it will attract south and east of us, keeping us with the normal air flow, and that will push the cold air in here. 7:00 tonight, we are okay, but the rain is down in richmond, and snow in the mountains now near snow shoe, and the rain shower activity will move in look at western maryland and parts of west virginia with snow. this will creep its way eastward with the cold air it will be really close. this snow may be farther south into pennsylvania in the afternoon. as we head into saturday evening, notice, the storm, the cold air is bringing some of the snow back to dc, and then it will pull out by saturday night. again, i don't think we will see much, if any, accumulations. on the watch areas, several
panhandle of west virginia, frederick county, maryland. right now 65 at reagan national. 50s shenandoah valley and parts of western maryland. so for this morning we have a small chance of a few sprinkles between now and 8:00 or 9:00. some sunshine after that. during the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny with highs reaching low to mid-70s. a mild monday on the way. this evening, sunset 6:27. mostly clear throughout the early evening and a few clouds closing in by midnight near 60 degrees. a look at big changes on the way. some rain. we'll talk about that, the rest of the week and weekend coming up. danella, how's traffic? >>> as we head up to 270 in maryland, this is the view on west montgomery avenue. clear on 270 north and south, not seeing any problems there. shooting down to virginia, i-66 at sudley road is clear. in fact, not seeing any issues on the inner loop and outer loop. as you continue east through the rosslyn tunnel, it is a breeze this morning. now back to you both. >>> 4:43. 62 degrees. still to come, it's about that time to enroll in your health benefits. what you need to
and much of west virginia, and it's in the upper 50s right near the chesapeake bay. over the last 12 hours, we've had the cloud cover increasing last night. it is mostly cloudy right now. just some thin clouds coming over. you can see a little bit of star shine coming through. as the morning progresses, we'll have a little sun this morning. sunrise at 7:28. we ought to be around 60 by 9:00. then by noontime, cloudy. mid-60s. we'll hold steady briefly. late afternoon, there is a possibility of a few sprinkles. a small chance, about a 30% chance of a few sprinkles by late afternoon. that may continue into this evening. a look at your evening planner coming up at 4:41. danella, good morning. how's traffic. >> good morning. it is a good start so far. not seeing any problems in our area. let's take a live look at some of our area's bridges, starting with the woodrow wilson bridge. in both directions across the woodrow wilson bridge, not seeing any problems. as you loop around to the american legion bridge, your lanes are open. it's a smooth commute. this is the 14th street bridge. no problems a
at this, charley. look at this. that beautiful? that's snowshoe west virginia. 4848 feet my favorite picture of the weekend and they have 6 inches of snow on the ground. just a short 6 hour drive can get you to winter. look at temperatures in the 30s, 34 oakland. in the mountains of west virginia they have had snow. 45 baltimore and up towards york, p.a. and 40s on the delmarva. clearing overnight with cloud making a return. another band of rain developing around the upper-level low and we will have ourselves showers today. mostly cloudy start cloudy finish and rain showers as temperatures remain 10 to 15 degrees below normal. highs in the mid-50s. we will check on the rest of the week with an improvement coming up. 4:31. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we have no accidents in baltimore city or baltimore county. we have an accident reported on 95 northbound at mountain road over in the right lane. this is the beltway at old court road south of 795. very light traffic out there on the northwest side of the beltway. nothing to worry about right now. jfx at northern parkway same d
shenandoah valley and parts of west virginia. sunrise 7:23. it will be coming up in a cobalt blue sky. crystal clear morning. a partly cloudy afternoon to follow. highs reaching the low to mid-60s by midafternoon. a chill in the air tonight. great weather for high school football games tonight. we'll be down in the 50s by evening. we'll look at the forecast for the rest of the week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. still looking really good. >>> let's head down to virginia. on i-95 in virginia heading towards the beltway, so far in both directions not seeing any issues. here's a live look at fairfax county parkway traveling north and south, you're clear. if you travel onto 395, here's what duke street looks like. not seeing any problems from edsall all the way to the 14th street bridge. if you're taking 14th street bridge heading into the city, you are nice and clear. now, aaron mentioned we're going to have a dance break. eun, are you read why i? >> oh, my goodness. it's hard to keep up with you, danella. she's got the moves like jagger. >> look at you with the
dry right now be dealt it is precipitating a out of west virginia. parts, it is cold enough that some of that is producing snowflakes. this is kind of like the calm before the storm. the main and moisture will come in tomorrow. we have a winter weather advisory in effect in northeastern maryland. a winter storm watch for hartford county, montgomery county, the northern part of baltimore county. the purple shaded area you see it is a winter storm warning. that is where significant snows will fall. here in the metro area we will see a wintry mix. it is october. the record snow for tomorrow's date is a trace pita we could tie corporate that. h. would not take much belo we want to see exactly what is behind the storm coming our way. >> that looks like winter is arriving a little bit early. at least it will look like it. snow is in the forecast until late saturday evening. if you think accumulating snow for the baltimore area in the month of october is rare, you are right to. >> i am not looking forward to its. i don't want winter to be here. >> everyone agrees and october snow storm seems
on today including the results of yet another special election, this one in west virginia, that republicans hoped will an referendum on president obama. the returns in just a moment. >>> plus -- >> why should i do everything you want and you won't do a thing i want? that gives you the privilege to be the way you are? >> donald rumsfeld gets chip pi with a journalist. that clip later in the show. but first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock. president obama once again urging voters and especially congress to move forward on his plan to put americans back to work. in a speech outside dallas yesterday, the president also cited a key part of his deficit reduction plan the so-called buffett rule which he said would not only help small businesses, but also the middle class in raising taxes on the rich. in support of his argument, president obama made reference to conservative icon ronald reagan. >> middle class families, working families, should not pay higher tax rates than millionaires or billionaires. some of the republicans in congress they say you're engaging ins class
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